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[sticky post] New Blog and other locations thereabouts....

Still pretty much in 'beta' form. The plan is to have it include everything from all my various sites and such. It'll take time, but I'll get there.
(lots of recent comics posted here; eventually I'll migrate them to the new blog)

A lot's changed since my last post here. And some of it remains the same. Life's like that.

Thanks for still being here, LJ!

Popped, and answered...

Nuzzle tersiefrog in the affirmative. No date set just yet.

Pictures...Collapse )

"And so...

Card Shark!

...semi-triumphant, he returned to his regular office, to a cubicle one third larger than the one he occupied at The Project."

And that's pretty much that.

Right now, I'm racing to catch up on a cartooning deadline that whizzed by this past weekend. Also racing the new sleep schedule; I think it's passed me up twice.

And I'm very pleased that I have a new garage door.  It's purty sharp lookin, and I can lift it with one hand, whereas the old one needed two and half people, three miracles and a bipartisan act of congress to get it off the ground. I'm surprised the automatic door opener wasn't wheezing sparks. Lordy...

also in recent weeks: jury duty, a dead portable hard drive, a roll top desk, and waaay too many coincidences masquerading as flashes through the not-too-distant past. at least I have my health...LOL

That's enough for now. Take care everyone.
(this is cross posted on FaceBook, btw; you know how to find me. And if not, message me and I'll tell ya where ta go...hehe)

Txtd @ Lnch 2day

T: Hehe! A sweet old man just flirted with me.

Me: A sweet old man? But I'm an hour away...

But perhaps I've said too much...


I would no sooner get settled in when the whole building would be under assault by some roguish European superspy and a crack team of commandoes, as it is suddenly revealed to be a giant frickin laser beam or something. Of course, the big clue for me would’ve been the building manager sitting at the end of a long, heavy oak table, stroking a small white Pomeranian, giggling in a sinister fashion about waiving my security deposit while promoting the wicked cool espresso bar/spa which “coincidentally” doubles as the laser command center.

Seriously, I look at this thing, think of “The Spy Who Loved Me”, and wonder if Stromberg’s son is building a mall. You watch, they’ll open it at 55% capacity, because they have a verbal commitment from Neiman Marcus to open a 7500 sq ft store, and then in five years Hugo Drax will open his Moon Mall and steal away Neiman, effectively wiping out this tower and one of the developers will be quoted on TV as saying “Well, I told him it’d make more sense if he opened an evil skating rink with an adjacent “Parking Garage of Horrors”…

Is it Friday yet?

A Very Merry Un-Birthday...


To my Flist  :-)

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and tersie, of course! XD

It was a much busier day than I'd planned, but I got several things accomplished that were on the Continually Regenerating Home Projects List, including a revision of the living room that I'll post pics of in the next few days. Thanks toinfobits  for the extra pair of hands today, and for lunch!

night, LJ

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